AH-504A Senior all-purpose adhesive
This product,also named all-purpose adhesive,can be applied to adhere the objects of the same or different materials with its world-leading viscosity.lt is not only tolerant of water,oil,sunburn,boiling water,thin acid and alkaline chemicals and anticorrosion.but also electricity insulated.lt can bear the maximum temperature down to -50 c,up to 90-120c,and speedy temperature 150-220c.lt can be used conveniently in the normal temperature 10-40c(in winter better heated to 10c or higher),the effect of plasters can last tens of years.

1.It can be used to adhere glass,pottery,marble,bakelite,plastics,bamboo and wood,sorts of metals,cement,textiles and cloth.
2.It can also be used to fix autos,machinery,water and oil tanks,the crevics of the chemical pipes,water pipe,water tap,etc.with satisfactory effect.
3.It can be applied to seal gas lighters,TV,sorts of wire coils of the meters and apparatus,serving as the insulation layer.
4.Mixed with required color powder,after thinning,it can be sprayed on the wooden floor board,furniture,doors and windows,cement surface,autos and ships to preserve color and extend life.

B.Ways of application:
l.The rate of tube A and B is 2:1,they can be mixed in the plate.the two adhesives should be mixed while using,and the mixed adhesive should be finished in half and hour.
2.The surface of the adhered object should be cleaned,for metals,brass plate and iron should be cleaned with acetone before adhering,do not apply the adhesive before they are dried out.
3.After being applied.it takes 1-6 hours for the adhesive to solidify normally,
1-2 hours in the temperature from 40c - 50c,the adhered objects can be used in 24 hours,its effect performs better in 10 days.
4.the two objects should be firmly clamped or bound after being adhered,or apply special clamps,they can be adhered at random too.
5.while adhering the straight face or inverted face,the sticker should be put on the point where using adhesive,the sticker may be took off in 24 hours.
6.for the leakeage of the pottery pot,enamel pot,brass and zinc pot,stick with a tooth paste peel or a piece of cloth on the point which has been applied the adhesive,two days later the water pot can be burned on the fire.

C.viscosity: for glass,ceramics,cement,bamboo and wooden products,cloth and rubber materials,the adhered object will not be unstuck.for brass,steel plain adhering: 140-260kg/cm2,for brass,steel pipes setting:200-320kg/cm2,for aluminum and iron:180kg/m2,hard plastics:60kg/cm2.for some plastics the adhesive do not work.

D.period of validity:
the adhesives can be preserved for 4 years if kept carefully and tube A and B are not mixed with each other.

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