AH-508A Senior all-purpose adhesive
AH-508A senior all-purpose adhesive is a hi-tech product developed by our company. It is made of many kinds of senior Fine Chemical Raw Materials with updated formulation and improved production technology. It has the features such as wide application, excellent performance and convenient usage.
[Appearance] Adhesive in group A is grey thickened liquid, while that in group B is light yellow or red brown thickened liquid.
[Features] It is a double-troop curing adhesive with its normal temperature between 10℃ and 40℃. It can be heated and cured,or even adjusted into many different colors. It has such features as high splicing strength, good sealability, and water resistance, boiling water resistance, oil resistance, insolation resistance, dilute acid resistance and alkali resistance. The service temperature is -50~120℃ while its transient service temperature is 150-220℃. It is also insulated.
[Purpose] it can be used to bond things such as metal, glass, ceramic, stone, concrete, bamboo and wood articles, vulcanized rubber, leather, some plastic and woven cloth. It can be used between materials of the same or different kinds, and used to mend the crannies, repair the defects, strengthen the structures and seal the containers. It is also widely applied in many fields such as metalworking, electronics, aerospace equipment, transportation equipment, instruments, pipes and valves and war and civil industries.
[Use] (1) Surface treatment: Clean and dry the surface of the thing which needs bonding or mending. Remove its oil stain, iron mould, dust, etc. It is normal to use solvents such as acetone and absolute ethyl alcohol or cleaning agent to clean the surface or treat it with mechanical methods such as polishing and sandblasting. However, chemical treatment can increase its bonding strength, especially for some plastic which is difficult to bond.
(2) Adhesive preparation: Group A: Group B = 2 : 1. Mix the adhesives in Group A and Group B well and completely. The adhesive should be used up within 30 minutes after being mixed. Adhesive preparation can be done in the plate or board made of metal, glass or plastic as well as special container for mixing. But the tools and containers for adhesive preparation must be kept dry and clean.
(3) Adhesive spreading: the adhesive which has been prepared can be spread with tools such as scraper, small bar or writing brush onto the surface of the treated article which needs bonding or mending, or spread with double-troop auto adhesive-spreading machine. The surface of two articles should be painted with average and proper adhesive.
(4) Bonding: Join properly the articles which have been painted with adhesive. It is better to squeeze out a small circle of adhesive after bonding. If you find the adhesive is not enough or there is a gap between two articles, you should add the adhesive immediately, while if there is remaining adhesive, you should remove it before curing. In the initial stage of bonding, you can fix the articles by clipping with tools, tying with tapes or orienting with instantaneous adhesive and avoid the adhesive flowing in the same time. If the adhesive is used to patch or mend the articles, you should stick fiber cloth and metal pieces or twine the cotton thread and iron wire after the surface of articles is painted with adhesive.
(5) Curing: The articles are cured initially within 3 hours after bonding. They can be used in 24 hours. They enjoy high strength 5 days later. Curing by heating can reduce the curing time with better performance.
[Bonding strength] (Room temperature): The articles such as glass, ceramics, concrete and bamboo or wood ware will be pulled without adhesive failure. Cutting strength: 45# steel ≥19.6MPa, Aluminum alloy ≥17.6MPa, red copper≥9.8MPa, and tensile strength≥29.4MPa.

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